Terms and Conditions

Hello, www.exchangernet.com user Must read our terms and conditions. This needs to follow when using the exchange services. The user should read carefully to be sure that understand and agree with our exchange service.

We are not allowed any exchange requests on a social network or any messenger. Just you can send messages for support in messenger.

About Cryptocurrency

As Cryptocurrency is illegal. We never give payment through cryptocurrency. So do not request us to pay. We do not proceed with payment for Betting, Gambling, and Illegal web payments. We work only for Freelancers, outsourcers, and Online workers.


WebMoney Transfer System

1.1  You must follow the Webmoney transfer system in accordance with paragraph 3.1

We Offered goods and services that are provided not at the order of an individual or enterprise operating the WebMoney Transfer System. We are an independent enterprise providing services and making independent decisions about pricing and offers. Enterprises, operating the WebMoney Transfer System, do not receive any fees or other remuneration for participation in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activity.

Accreditation is performed by WebMoney Transfer exclusively to confirm our contact details and verify our identity. It is performed at our will and does not mean that we in any way are connected with the sales conducted by the WebMoney System operators."

Important notice about your exchange

When you purchase dollars from here, you must send money from your own account numbers. If you place a purchase order with a payment from another number or through someone else, your order will be canceled. And the rest of the money will be refunded to the same number after deducting the sending fee. We may call you when we complete each order.

Must Read

1. By accepting our services, online gambling, money laundering, terrorist activities, or any other criminal activity is strictly prohibited. Exchangernet authorities will not be liable in any way for using this service for the crime. If necessary, legal action may be taken.

2. All the time you have to send money/dollars to the updated number/account given on our website.

3. There can be no rush when ordering and no rush for payment after ordering. In many cases, the wrong order is submitted and payment is made at the wrong address. So don't rush the admin for payment, check your order 2-3 times, and then submit.

4. If you submit the wrong number or account in the order, the responsibility is entirely yours. In that case, we will not pay a second time. However, if we get your funds back, you will be sent back when we get them back according to the rules of the respective gateway. In this case, we must knock after a certain period.

5. Prices may change at any time. So take a look at the updated price when ordering.

6. Dollars/money must be sent from your account / in your own hand. Do not send dollars directly from the client's account.

7. You will have to bear all the charges for the transaction.

8. Exchangernet reserves the right to add, subtract, modify, or modify the policy without notice.

9. Do not order for Exchange with any incorrect information.

10. Neteller & Skrill transfer fee will be deducted from your balance.

11. When you exchange through mobile banking bKash & Rocket, you must pay an additional 2% (Nagad 1.5%) extra fee. If you exchange through the bank (IBBL, DBBL, EBL) No need to pay any extra fee.

ID Verification

How to verify your account? CLICK HERE. You can verify your account on this page, But you will have to sign up first. Some of the following documents might be required during the verification process at exchangernet.com Identity Verification:

1. Document verify required

To verify the document, you need to take a selfie (Photo ID) with NID / Driving License / Passport and upload it. (when you are going to take the selfie, must use your mobile phone's back part camera.) 

2. Address verify required

To verify the address you need to upload a scanned copy of - TIN Certificate / Electricity Bill Or Prepaid Card With a Selfie / Bank statement. (If you don't have an electricity bill, what you will do? Don't worry just upload your father or mother's electricity bill scan copy. That bill name must be matched according to your document father or mother's name.)


As part of our mission to create an open financial system for users, we need to ensure that our business is well-positioned to serve our customers. Establishing and servicing customers from a new operating hub allows us to deliver our market-leading exchange platform from the Exchangernet Center.

Our customers on the Exchange need to provide identifying information to their accounts. Verifying your identity on Exchangernet helps protect you from potential fraudulent activity. 

Yes, your identity is 100% secure with us. we will never share your data or any data with other parties/companies. you and your identity data and currency, everything is secure with us. we promise you about your data is fully secure with us.

When you sign in to Exchangernet.com, you will be prompted to update your identity. If you have trouble verifying your identity, try using the mobile app or watch this video tip. For information

You can use Exchangernet because you usually sign in to your Exchangernet account and accept new user agreements. if you do not verify your identity, the functionality of your Exchangernet account may be limited and your account may be deactivated. We will contact you at that time if your account is going to be restricted.

If I refuse to accept updating my identity information?

For all users

  1. You will be able to access your account after you accept the new user agreement.
  2. For users who need to update their identity:
  3. If you accept the new user agreement, you will not be able to use Exchangernet.com. If you do not verify your identity, the functionality of your Exchange account may be limited and your account may be deactivated.
  4. If you do not want to accept the new user agreement or update your identity, you will need to remove or close your account from Exchangernet.com


  1. Exchangernet is the service exchange of electronic payment systems (Digital Currencies) exchanges.
  2. Exchangernet The order process usually takes 2-5 minutes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete.
  3. Before each transaction, please take a look at our rate, reserve, and terms and conditions. Otherwise, Exchangernet will not be responsible if there are any issues related to the transaction.
  4. The Exchangernet service is not responsible for any of the black users (Hacker). if we find any of the black users, we will submit user (Hacker) documents to the Government police. we are not allowed where are deemed illegal. The User shall be fully responsible for compliance with the local legislation.
  5. No third-party payments will be accepted. If we find out that the funds come from a third party, we will not accept the payment and will immediately reject your order. The full amount of third-party payments will be refunded less the transaction fees of the e-currency processor.
  6. All users shall be solely responsible to offer valid to complete the registration or to submit the exchange order.
  7. All fiscal matters of Exchangernet orders and/or transactions are the sole responsibility of the user.
  8. Payment must be made with the exact amount specified in the user's order. If the user remits more or less than the amount stated in the order, we will adjust the user’s order to the exact amount of funds received without prior notification.
  9. Pending orders (orders waiting for the user’s payment) will be automatically deleted after the period of time specified in the order details.
  10. Exchangernet.com shall also have a right to refund the Customer's funds without indication of the reason, if exchangernet.com has any doubts, including subjective ones.


  1. If you need any instant support or payment confirmation to feel free to call us. You can find our contact details on the contact page. (24/7 support over the Live Chat, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp).
  2. Answers on frequently asked or standard questions shall be provided as links to the corresponding pages on click here.
  3. In case of complaints regarding the completion of the order, the client can contact the administration of the service by email echangernet@gmail.com. The complaint shall be answered within 1 business day.

About Transaction History